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Bespoke Driver Safety Policies

Licence Checks

Driver and Vehicle Tracking

Driver Assessments and Trainining


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A Driver Safety Package provides a wide range of services to help companies manage road risk and comply with the law whilst their employees or others are driving on company business.


Our services help companies reduce vehicle damage, lost time, save money on fuel, maintenance, repairs and insurance, whilst ensuring that your business complies with current legislation.


If your employee or someone driving for your business has a serious accident whilst driving their own or a company vehicle when undertaking work activities, your directors and the line managers could face unlimited fines and possible jail sentences if you do not have effective policies and procedures in place to manage your on road driving risk.


Further information can be found on our website www.pedigreeautomotivesolutions.co.uk

Driver Safety Packages are now offered through Pedigree Automotive Solutions Ltd

Pedigree is an independent vehicle provider, offering a wide range of routes to vehicle ownership and usage. We offer cars and light commercials from all the leading manufacturers, and finance from leading finance houses. Combine this with over 35 years experience in various sectors of the motor industry and we are able to offer bespoke solutions for all your vehicle requirements.


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Driver Safety Packages

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